The Power of Support: A Writer's Elixir

Like many writers, especially those of us relatively new to the profession, I tend to hunker down at my dining table, by myself, alone, just me and my keyboard. And while quiet and solitude are important nutrients, solitude is also an insidious toxin when it is measured at too high a level than support.

I have been reading with my Sandra Troux co-author, a book about the relationship to money. And the beginning section on deep beliefs were in part a revelation. I knew the one where I label most every thing I do, write, think or accomplish as "little." My little PhD. My little handshake deal with the Chinese government where in they printed 5,000 copies of a book I wrote in 2007, The Dragon's Daughters Return, and shipped these beautiful books from Beijing to Michigan. Now that is good, right?

The second part of the handshake deal was that they printed and shipped the books for FREE. But still I defaulted to my little deal with the Chinese government. My little job as executive director of New York City National Organization for Women during the ERA Extension Drive and the Supreme Count ruling of Roe v. Wade. 55 buses from NYC to DC; working with hundreds of others to send 5,000 women and men to Washington. Working with hundreds of others to secure safe legal reproductive rights for women. But still my little--what ever.

It has taken me a very long time to fill the measure from my little to my enough. I am more attentive now to the proper use of the term, rather than using it as a denigration.

A second learning had to do with my deep belief that I go along and the bottom drops out of marriages, friendships, jobs, nearly secured book deals, what ever you can name that a person might think, hope are solid. But no and I still am not sure what to do about that belief.

The third belief has to do with manifesting. I am pretty good at that, recall the deal with the Chinese government. I had an idea and through a unique process brought the idea of the book into being and got those copies across the ocean to the U.S.. to us. So from intention to manifestation. Well, ok. When I get a clear focus, I go after and after and most often there is the reality. But then converting that reality into monetary resources.--that is a big question mark. Others do it, why not me?

And so this brings me back to the elixir of support. I am trying this on for size, well, a better metaphor is I am sipping elixir's cup of support. Being with other writers. Joining various authors' organizations and taking part in these organizations. So far so good. Walking as if the path will become clear and the bottom will not fall out tumbling me into a dark chasm. To that end, I recently began participating more frequently in the Montclair Write Group, an amazing voluntary group of hundreds of writers in Montclair, NJ where I live. And took the leap to submit a chapter of a novel-in-progress, Mama's Girl, to the second volume of The Write Group Sampler. Thrilled to be accepted and that sampler was recently published. See below for how to down load:

Get your new “MONTCLAIR WRITE GROUP SAMPLER 2016” ebook – The Montclair Write Group Sampler 2016 with 39 pieces from Write Group members is now available and can be downloaded free—so far 101 downloads!-- from these sites:


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Downloads of the earlier 2014 Sampler now up to 547! FREE download at Can be downloaded in several formats. Use PDF format to read the ebook on a computer screen. Use EPUB to read it on a tablet or a smartphone and use MOBI to read it on a Kindle device.

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