The Mystery of the Ming Connection

Sex Trafficking.  International Art Thefts.  Neo Nazis.  Psychotic Criminals.

Sandra Troux, Bobbi Power and Lizbet Sheridan head to South Korea and China on a family roots search and vacation.  But a series of international Ming art thefts and sex-traffic kidnappings changes everything‚Ķ


In the neon-lit streets of Seoul, through a blinding blizzard in the heart of Beijing and into a hidden labyrinth of tunnels outside Xian, they fight psychotic criminals.  They risk everything to rescue warehoused girls in a desperate struggle against time.  This mystery of connections, both hidden and revealed, takes them into a dark underworld.  There, they confront and crush the Taina Ziping, a neo-Nazi/Taiping Rebellion resurgence intent on world domination.

@ 2016 Creative Books, LLC

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