Lovely Lavender, the Universal Herb Vol.2

Lavender as essential oil, powerful for healing, for aromatherapy, for weddings--cake toppers and stunning bridal bouquets, delicious in drinks, muffins, ice cream, Lovely Lavender: The Universal Herb has it all in one easy-to-read primer. Fascinating history of uses: strengthening defenses against pandemics such as the Bubonic plague in Europe, and used in mummifying in ancient Egypt. The Lavender plant can treat acne, heal burns, soothe aching muscles, relieve fatigue, calm the soul and repel bedbugs. Lavender recipes are included: lavender iced tea, lemon-lavender muffins, lavender ice cream. How-to: heal, meditate with, eat, grow, cook with and boost immunity with Lavender. (Volume II of the Herbal Amicus series.)