The Dragon's Daughters Return

This illustration packed book offers a poignant, lovely and fun look at the long journey home not only for children adopted from China, but for all of us who love them.  The Dragon's Daughters Return (2007) takes you on an eye-opening journey through China with beautiful photographs and lively, loving narratives describing the lives of 21 families.  Join the daughters and their families as they travel to the heart of their healing hearts.  Visit a children's Social Welfare Institute and learn about the colonial roots that underlie current, hurtful stereotypes about China and adoption.  Visit historical sites and the new cities of China, while learning amazing cultural facts and useful travel tips.  If you’ve ever wondered what a squattie is, you’ll find out in this gorgeous book, wonderful for any age.  Fall under the dragon's spell as you journey back to China with questing daughters and their adoptive families in this warm-hearted, richly illustrated exploration of contemporary and historic China by adoptive parent and cultural anthropologist, Virginia Cornue.  Journey with these loving American families and their daughters, as they travel to the land that wove their destinies.  You'll never see China or adoption the same way again.